cvs commit: src/lib/libugidfw libugidfw.3 ugidfw.c ugidfw.h src/sys/security/mac_bsdextended mac_bsdextended.c mac_bsdextended.h src/tools/regression/mac/mac_bsdextended test_ugidfw.c src/usr.sbin/ugidfw ugidfw.8 ugidfw.c

David Malone dwmalone at
Mon Aug 21 15:59:56 UTC 2006

dwmalone    2006-08-21 15:59:48 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
    lib/libugidfw        libugidfw.3 ugidfw.c ugidfw.h 
    sys/security/mac_bsdextended mac_bsdextended.c 
    tools/regression/mac/mac_bsdextended test_ugidfw.c 
    usr.sbin/ugidfw      ugidfw.8 ugidfw.c 
  Sync with -current:
  - allow matching on subject: ranges of uid, ranges of gid, jail id
    and object: ranges of uid, ranges of gid, filesystem, object is
    suid, object is sgid, object matches subject uid/gid, object type.
  This involves an ABI change between the kernel module and libugidfw,
  but no change between applications and ugidfw.
  Revision  Changes    Path   +0 -10     src/lib/libugidfw/libugidfw.3  +729 -167  src/lib/libugidfw/ugidfw.c   +0 -3      src/lib/libugidfw/ugidfw.h  +200 -304  src/sys/security/mac_bsdextended/mac_bsdextended.c   +52 -10    src/sys/security/mac_bsdextended/mac_bsdextended.h   +50 -8     src/tools/regression/mac/mac_bsdextended/test_ugidfw.c   +195 -44   src/usr.sbin/ugidfw/ugidfw.8   +1 -0      src/usr.sbin/ugidfw/ugidfw.c

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