cvs commit: src/tools/build/options WITHOUT_GNU WITHOUT_NS_CACHING WITHOUT_PAM

Yar Tikhiy yar at
Sun Aug 6 14:39:28 UTC 2006

On Sun, Aug 06, 2006 at 01:47:19PM +0200, Dag-Erling Sm?rgrav wrote:
> Yar Tikhiy <yar at> writes:
> >   Log:
> >   Document some more src.conf(5) options:
> >   
> >   Noticed by:     src/tools/build/options/makeman
> Neither MK_GNU nor MK_PAM actually exist.

src.conf(5) tells that now.  The two options are understood by
<>, but they have no _direct_ effect on the build.  However,
their _indirect_ effect is through setting MK_GNU_SUPPORT or
MK_PAM_SUPPORT, respectively, which src.conf(5) tells, too.


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