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Wed Apr 26 16:48:12 UTC 2006

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            "M. Warner Losh" <imp at> writes:
: While an individual DMA transfer on the
: PCI-E bus may not cross such a boundary, I bleieve that individual
: resources can consume more than 4G.  Our PCI code doesn't handle BARs
: that are > 4G in size correctly, but it does handle BARs that are
: mapped anywhere in a 64-bit address space.

I went ahead and looked it up in the standard.  Our current PCI code
does sizing of 64-bit BARs with only 32-bits.  But the 2.2 standard
specifically says, in an implementation note, that it should be done
with 64-bits.  On page 204 in section
	"64-bit (memory) Base Address registers can be handled the
	same, except that the second 32-bit register is considered an
	extension of the first; ie bits 32-63.  Software writes
	0xffffffff to both registers, reads them back, and combines
	the result into a 64-bit value.  Size calculation is done on
	the 64-bit value."

Anyway, consider this just a footnote to the conversation.  I'm happy
leaving well enough alone for the i386 implementation given the
sentiment expressed in this thread.


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