cvs commit: src/sys/dev/bce if_bcereg.h

Matthew Jacob mj at
Wed Apr 26 05:50:23 UTC 2006

>> I'm afraid I don't understand the 'unreasonable' argument here. Linux is 
>> eating your lunch today. Do you want it to eat your dessert as well?
>> -matt
> bus_size_t is used for things like measuring transfer segment size. There is 
> little chance that Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, or any other OS
> is ever going to try to DMA more than 2^32 bytes of data in a single
> bus transaction.  Maybe you could contrive a silly infiniband device
> to do it.  Anyways, it has no bearing on whether the CPU, memory
> controller, or PCI buses can do 64 bit addressing.

Oh, sorry, yes, I agree it's *unlikely* that anything will DMA more than 
2^32 bytes at a time right now. I'm really really tired and lost lock. 

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