cvs commit: src/sys/ufs/ffs ffs_vfsops.c

Robert Watson rwatson at
Fri Apr 21 15:15:18 UTC 2006

On Fri, 21 Apr 2006, Tom Rhodes wrote:

> trhodes     2006-04-21 07:14:25 UTC
>  FreeBSD src repository
>  Modified files:
>    sys/ufs/ffs          ffs_vfsops.c
>  Log:
>  Remove what I believe are two useless ifdefs.  If a user or administrator
>  enables multilabel, or any option for that matter, most likely they have
>  a reason.  This will allow users to see that mulilabel is enabled via an
>  issued "mount" command and remove an annoying warning - printed only when
>  a MAC kernel is not installed - on boot up.

This seems incorrect to me.  You have also removed the warnings associated 
with trying to use multi-label and ACL-enabled file systems on kernels not 
configured to support them, which can lead to highly undesirable behavior, 
hence the warnings.  The mount point flags are intended to reflect the current 
mode of operation, and setting the flags when the operational mode isn't 
supported doesn't seem right.

Robert N M Watson

>  Discussed with: green, brueffer, Samy Al Bahra.
>  Probably ran past:      csjp (though I can't remember).
>  Revision  Changes    Path
>  1.308     +0 -12     src/sys/ufs/ffs/ffs_vfsops.c

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