cvs commit: src/sys/dev/mpt mpt.c mpt.h mpt_cam.c mpt_pci.c mpt_raid.c

Matt Jacob mjacob at
Tue Apr 11 16:47:39 UTC 2006

mjacob      2006-04-11 16:47:30 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/dev/mpt          mpt.c mpt.h mpt_cam.c mpt_pci.c 
  A large set of changes:
  + Add boatloads of KASSERTs and *really* check out more locking
  issues (to catch recursions when we actually go to real locking
  in CAM soon). The KASSERTs also caught lots of other issues like
  using commands that were put back on free lists, etc.
  + Target mode: role setting is derived directly from port capabilities.
  There is no need to set a role any more. Some target mode resources
  are allocated early on (ELS), but target command buffer allocation
  is deferred until the first lun enable.
  + Fix some breakages I introduced with target mode in that some commands
  are *repeating* commands. That is, the reply shows up but the command
  isn't really done (we don't free it). We still need to take it off the
  pending list because when we resubmit it, bad things then  happen.
  + Fix more of the way that timed out commands and bus reset is done. The
  actual TMF response code was being ignored.
  + For SPI, honor BIOS settings. This doesn't quite fix the problems we've
  seen where we can't seem to (re)negotiate U320 on all drives but avoids
  it instead by letting us honor the BIOS settings. I'm sure this is not
  quite right and will have to change again soon.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.26      +34 -33    src/sys/dev/mpt/mpt.c
  1.15      +154 -17   src/sys/dev/mpt/mpt.h
  1.14      +754 -549  src/sys/dev/mpt/mpt_cam.c
  1.27      +22 -26    src/sys/dev/mpt/mpt_pci.c
  1.6       +4 -0      src/sys/dev/mpt/mpt_raid.c

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