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  Modified files:
    release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/common new.sgml 
  Massive update of the -HEAD release notes (round 1, until Feb 2006):
          acpi(4) HPET time counter support,
          acpi_ibm(4) fan control support,
          ddb(4) show lock,
          ddb(4) show sleepq,
          firmware(9) added,
          random(4) MPSAFE,
          new sysctl kern.sigqueue.queue_sigchild,
          brandinfo BI_CAN_EXEC_DYN flag,
          new sysctl kern.forcesigexit,
          RedZone, a buffer corruption protection for kernel's malloc(9),
          security.mac.biba.interfaces_equal for mac_biba,
          POSIX_TIMERS support updated to 200112L,
          initial support for POSIX message queue,
          Xbox support,
          DEFAULTS kernel configuration files for each arch,
          cardbus(4) /dev/cardbus%d.cis device node added,
          ce(4) for Cronyx Tau-PCI/32 added,
          ipmi(4), OpenIPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface)
                  driver added,
          kbdmux(4) integrated into syscons(4) and kbd,
          uart(4) now in GENERIC kernel,
          uart(4) LOM and RSC support,
          snd_atiixp(4) added and suspend/resume support,
          snd_solo(4) MPSAFE,
          speaker(4) amd64 support,
          uaudio(4) 24/32 bit audio support,
          ath(4) updated to version,
          bge(4) Jumbo frame support, big-endian arch support, MPSAFE,
          em(4) updated to version 3.2.18, big-endian arch support,
                  performance improvement, suspend/resume support,
          iwi(4) big-endian arch support,
          le(4) for AMD Am7900 LANCE added,
          myri10ge(4) for Myricom Myri10GE adapter added,
          nve(4) updated to version 1.0-0310,
          ti(4) big-endian arch support,
          ufoma(4) for FOMA 3G mobile phone in Japan added,
          vgapci(4) stub driver added,
          arp(8) retransmission algorithm revised,
                  new sysctl,
                  support for -i <if> with -d -a,
          an experimental BPF Just-In-Time compiler added,
          if_bridge(4) span ports support added,
          if_bridge(4) RFC 3378 EtherIP support,
          ipfw(4) now supports action argument substitution from table lookup,
          ng_bpf(4) BPF Just-In-Time compiler support,
          bug related to NFS over TCP reconnection fixed,
          IPV6_V6ONLY now works for UDP,
          amr(4) performance improvement, ioctl support for MegaRaid Tools,
          ata(4) DMA for kernel dump and dumping to ataraid(4) devices,
          ataraid(4) now supports JMicron ATA RAID metadata,
          gmirror and graid3 disconnect_on_failure sysctls added,
          g_md.ko renamed to geom_md.ko,
          mpt(4) SAS HBA and 64-bit PCI support,
          twa(4) updated to,
          geli(8) now allows loading keyfiles before root file system is mounted,
          initial support for SGI's XFS added,
          ACPI-CA updated to 20051021,
          DRM updated to 20051202,
          TrustedBSD OpenBSM version 1.0 alpha 5 imported,
          bsnmpd(1) Host Resources MIB in RFC 2790 support,
          config(8) "nocpu" directive added,
          config(8) now reads DEFAULT if any before the specified config file,
          csh(1) NLS catalog support,
          csup(1), CVSup-compatible client written in C imported,
          devd(8) -f option,
          ftpd(8) change related to PID file creation,
          gbde(8) -k and -K option,
          gpt(8) GPT partition label setting support,
          gvinum(8) now supports to move a subdisk between drives,
          GSS-API version 2 (RFC2743 and RFC2744) implemented,
          jail(8) -J option,
          kdump(1) -H and -s option,
          kgdb(1) -w option,
          libarchive(3) tp format support,
          ln(1) -F option,
          locate(1) -I option,
          mdmfs(8) -P and -E option,
          mergemaster(8) -A option,
          mount(8) "nodev" option removed,
          netstat(1) IPsec protocol stats support,
          periodic(8) daily gmirror, graid3, gstripe, gconcat support,
          pkill(1) -I option,
          rfcomm_pppd(8) -c servicename support,
          rtld(1) ELF symbol versioning support,
          sh(1) "times" built-in command support,
          truss(1) -s option,
          truss(1) now works on FreeBSD/ppc,
          usbd(8) removed in favor of devd(8),
          xargs(1) -r option,
          rc.d/auditd added,
          rc.d/bluetooth, rc.d/hcsecd, rc.d/sdpd added,
          rc.d/ftpd added,
          rc.d/hostapd added,
          rc.d/netif ipv4_addrs_<ifn> support,
          rc.d/ removed and early_late_divider variable added,
          rc.initdiskless now uses tar(1) instead of pax(1),
          rc.d/pccard removed,
          rc.d/ppp-user added (renamed from ppp),
          removable_interfaces variable removed,
          bsnmpd updated from 1.11 to 1.12,
          pkg_add(1) -P option,
          pkg_add(1) and pkg_create(1) -K option,
          pkg_create(1) -x, -E, and -G options,
          local_startup directory now evaluated by rcorder(8) with
                  scripts in the base system,
          suffix of startup scripts removed,
          variables "ldconfig_local_dirs" and "ldconfig_local32_dirs" added,
          @cwd in pkg-plist now allows no directory argument, and
          CHECKSUM.MD5's checksum in CHECKSUM.MD5 problem fixed.
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