cvs commit: src/sys/alpha/alpha busdma_machdep.c src/sys/alpha/include chipset.h pmap.h src/sys/alpha/mcbus mcpcia.c src/sys/alpha/pci apecs.c cia.c irongate.c lca.c t2.c tsunami.c src/sys/alpha/tlsb dwlpx.c

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at
Thu Sep 22 13:46:02 PDT 2005

Bernd Walter [ticso at] wrote:
> ticso       2005-09-19 13:50:07 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     sys/alpha/alpha      busdma_machdep.c 
>     sys/alpha/include    chipset.h pmap.h 
>     sys/alpha/mcbus      mcpcia.c 
>     sys/alpha/pci        apecs.c cia.c irongate.c lca.c t2.c 
>                          tsunami.c 
>     sys/alpha/tlsb       dwlpx.c 
>   Log:
>   Relocate direct map specs into struct alpha_chipset.
>   Prepare for PCI Scatter-Gather map.
>   Panic if driver tries alpha_XXX_dmamap() out of range.

It sounds like real busdma support for alpha is coming.  Cool!


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