cvs commit: src/sys/dev/ed if_ed.c if_ed_pccard.c if_edvar.h

Warner Losh imp at
Sun Sep 18 13:51:35 PDT 2005

imp         2005-09-18 20:51:34 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/dev/ed           if_ed.c if_ed_pccard.c if_edvar.h 
  o eliminate the ED_NO_MIIBUS option.  Now, you need miibus to use ed with
    pccard.  If you have an old ISA or PCI card w/o a miibus, then you'll still
    be able to use the ed driver w/o miibus in the kernel.  If you have pccard
    you'll need mii now.  Most pccards these days have miibus, and many
    cards have ISSUES if you don't attach miibus.  issues I don't want to
    constantly rediagnose.
    - Add new media_ioctl, mediachg and tick function pointers.  The core
      driver will call these if they aren't NULL, or return an error if they
    - migrate remaining mii code into if_ed_pccard.
  o include some notes from my datasheet fishing.  this may allow us to
    get media status from some pccards.
  o Fix one bug that's common to many drivers.  call if_free(ifp) after
    we tear down the interrupt.  ed_intr() depends on ifp being there and
    freeing it while interrupts can still happen is, ummm, bad.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.262     +11 -92    src/sys/dev/ed/if_ed.c
  1.100     +134 -28   src/sys/dev/ed/if_ed_pccard.c
  1.37      +4 -5      src/sys/dev/ed/if_edvar.h

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