cvs commit: src/sys/dev/re if_re.c

M. Warner Losh imp at
Fri Sep 16 14:15:04 PDT 2005

In message: <20050916202207.GA22151 at>
            Ruslan Ermilov <ru at> writes:
: Hmm, I'm not very fluent in device(9) API, but I wonder what's then
: the analog of device_delete_child(sc->miibus) that the majority of
: foo_detach() methods do.  I.e., will the miibus device really be
: removed?

Yes.  I believe so.

: > How again can this happen?
: > 
: tcpdump -n -i ed0 &
: kldunload if_ed
: Still, ed_init_locked() will instantiate many things inappropriate
: for ed_detach() context.

How does ed_init_locked get called in ed_detach()?  It looks to me
that ed_stop is called, but ed_init() isn't.  Where would it be

: When experimenting with removing device_delete_child(sc->miibus)
: in rl(4), every new kldunload/kldload will add another miibusX
: device, showing that the child device removal doesn't happen
: implicitly.  I wonder if you can see the same with ed(4), or
: if there's some code that does this.  Also, the code that you
: refer seems to only work for pccard, while PCI version should
: be affected by the same "mii == NULL" bug.

There's no ed + mii + pci.  I'll take a look at these details


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