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Marcel Moolenaar marcel at
Wed Sep 14 09:27:15 PDT 2005

On Sep 14, 2005, at 8:53 AM, Brooks Davis wrote:

>>> I must admit I'm a little uneasy moving /usr and /var into '/', just
>>> because I'm so used to the way it is.  I really *like* having / 
>>> var as a
>>> separate partition.
>> We probably ought to move this discussion to another list, but -- I
>> remember two very specific occasions where I first realized how  
>> important
>> an isolated /var is:
>> (1) In about 1995, when I first started using ppp, I discovered the
>>     hard way that the default logging level was set a bit high,  
>> and filled
>>     the entire hard disk with log records in a couple of days.
> I've also hit cases where the log come in so fast that you can fill a
> 1GB /var fast enough that newsyslog never has a chance to compress the
> log.

Just so that people realize: what is being described is not an argument
for having /var be a separate partition, but really for having /var/log
be a separate partition. It's just that the granularity of our thinking
is highly influenced by our legacy, even to the extend of it becoming
an intellectual jail.

I think it's much easier to size a /var/log partition effectively than
it is to size /, /usr and /var effectively...

Just some food for thought,

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