cvs commit: src/sys/conf

Don Lewis truckman at
Mon Sep 12 10:29:22 PDT 2005

On 12 Sep, Colin Percival wrote:
> Emanuel Strobl wrote:
>> Hmm, why was default size of root changed to 500M?
> Because I was increasing the sizes of /tmp and /var at the same time; because
> I know that some users do somehow manage to fill up /; and because re@ told
> me to. :-)
> I still have a 128MB / on most of my systems.

As do I.

>> Incredable much too much 
>> IMHO, if not reserved for debug kernels....
>> I've just been wondering today how wasteful FreeBSD uses the hard disk 
>> these days (BETA4)...
> You'll only get a 500MB / if you have more than 10GB of space on your hard
> disk.  I don't think that going from 2.5% of the disk up to 5% of the disk
> is problematically wasteful, particularly since we're only talking about the
> _default_ value and it's very easy to change in sysinstall.

You haven't been listening to all those people who want to turn down the
minfree percentage to gain more usable space.  How many more mp3's could
they store if / didn't gobble up that extra 372 MB?

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