cvs commit: src/sys/conf

Don Lewis truckman at
Mon Sep 12 00:16:13 PDT 2005

On 11 Sep, Emanuel Strobl wrote:
> Am Sonntag, 11. September 2005 03:05 CEST schrieb Nate Lawson:
>> David E. O'Brien wrote:
>> > obrien      2005-09-11 00:22:21 UTC
>> >
>> >   FreeBSD src repository
>> >
>> >   Modified files:
>> >     sys/conf   
>> >   Log:
>> >   For HEAD, install a kernel with debug information if DEBUG is a
>> > kernel config option.  It is too easy to loose the build directory and
>> > not have symbols for kgdb to read.
>> >
>> >   Revision  Changes    Path
>> >   1.84      +4 -17     src/sys/conf/
>> I disagree with this change.  We do not need to waste the space in /.
> Hmm, why was default size of root changed to 500M? Incredable much too much 
> IMHO, if not reserved for debug kernels....
> I've just been wondering today how wasteful FreeBSD uses the hard disk 
> these days (BETA4)...

I just filled / on my laptop during the installworld (due to
/tmp/install*) after my first installkernel after this change.  I was
able to free up enough space to do the installworld, but I'll be in
trouble after the next installkernel results in copies of kernel.debug
in both /boot/kernel and /boot/kernel.old, and I'll lose the ability to
stash away a third kernel version.

I did the initial FreeBSD install before the default root size was
increased to 500M and I'm not looking forward to trying to resize root.


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