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Max Laier mlaier at
Thu Sep 8 07:59:51 PDT 2005

mlaier      2005-09-08 14:59:50 UTC

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  src/sys/contrib/pf/net - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/src/sys/contrib/pf/net
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  Log Message:
  Loopback four fixes from OpenBSD for problems reported to the freebsd-pf
  mailing list onto the vendor branch:
   pf_ioctl.c Revision 1.153 Sun Aug 7 11:37:33 2005 UTC by dhartmei
   | verify ticket in DIOCADDADDR, from Boris Polevoy, ok deraadt@
   pf_ioctl.c Revision 1.158 Mon Sep 5 14:51:08 2005 UTC by dhartmei
   | in DIOCCHANGERULE, properly initialize table, if used in NAT rule.
   | from Boris Polevoy <vapcom at mail dot ru>, ok mcbride@
   pf.c Revision 1.502 Mon Aug 22 11:54:25 2005 UTC by dhartmei
   | when nat'ing icmp 'connections', replace icmp id with proxy values
   | (similar to proxy ports for tcp/udp). not all clients use
   | per-invokation random ids, this allows multiple concurrent
   | connections from such clients.
   | thanks for testing to Rod Whitworth, "looks ok" markus@
   pf.c Revision 1.501 Mon Aug 22 09:48:05 2005 UTC by dhartmei
   | fix rdr to bitmask replacement address pool. patch from Max Laier,
   | reported by Boris Polevoy, tested by Jean Debogue, ok henning@
  Vendor Tag:	OPENBSD
  Release Tags:	pf_openbsd_3_7_001
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/if_pflog.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/if_pflog.h
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/if_pfsync.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/if_pfsync.h
  C src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf_if.c
  C src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf_ioctl.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf_norm.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf_osfp.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pf_table.c
  U src/sys/contrib/pf/net/pfvar.h
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