cvs commit: src/etc portsnap.conf src/share/man/man5 portsnap.conf.5 src/usr.sbin/portsnap/portsnap

Colin Percival cperciva at
Tue Sep 6 12:28:38 PDT 2005

cperciva    2005-09-06 19:28:37 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    etc                  portsnap.conf 
    share/man/man5       portsnap.conf.5 
  Teach portsnap how to ignore unwanted parts of the ports tree.  A line
  of the form "REFUSE foo" in portsnap.conf will result in parts of the
  tree matching "^foo" being (a) not extracted by "portsnap extract", (b)
  not updated by "portsnap update", and (c) not having any patches or new
  ports downloaded by "portsnap fetch" or "portsnap cron". The example
  shown in portsnap.conf demonstrates ignoring all the language categories.
  As mentioned in portsnap.conf.5, the use of an imcomplete ports tree is
  not officially supported; but this is something which many users have
  requested, so I'm adding it anyway.
  PR:             bin/85619 (but not the patch provided therein)
  MFC after:      1 month
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +6 -0      src/etc/portsnap.conf
  1.2       +36 -2     src/share/man/man5/portsnap.conf.5
  1.9       +66 -6     src/usr.sbin/portsnap/portsnap/

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