cvs commit: src/sys/i386/conf DEFAULTS GENERIC

Mark Murray markm at
Sun Oct 30 01:55:14 PST 2005

"David O'Brien" writes:
>>   Create a default kernel config for i386 and move 'device isa' and
>>   'device npx' (both of which aren't really optional right now) and
>>   'device io' and 'device mem' (to preserve POLA for 4.x users upgrading
>>   to 6.0) from GENERIC into DEFAULTS.
>I may be missing something.  I don't quite follow the benefit of the new
>'DEFAULTS' file.  I'm also curious why we don't explicitly 'include'
>DEFAULTS in GENERIC vs. the new automagic include feature.

Its an anti-foot-shooting thing. Scott was concerned that far too many
people with kernels based on GENERIC before io was made a separate
module were being flummoxed by X not running. This is a way to make
npx, mem and io default for even those kernels, as long as they run a
modern(tm) config(8).

>I wonder if someone might trip over this not realizing everything that
>winds up in their config file.  I for one have been using io.ko and
>mem.ko after coping GENERIC to FOO and removing the 'io' and 'mem'

Now, you'll get the error that they are already loaded. If you don't want
that, you can remove them from DEFAULTS.

I have a plan to improve this in the medium term, but this involves a bit
more config(8) work.

Mark R V Murray
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