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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Oct 5 05:37:15 PDT 2005

Mike Silbersack <silby at> wrote:

Catching up on email...

> Perhaps this is a weird idea, but would it be good policy for people 
> to write up regression test ideas and put them into 
> src/sys/tools/regression - even if they don't have time to write the 
> regression test itself?  In the long run this could pay off - maybe

I like this idea.

> if google has another SoC a project could be to implement the various 
> regression tests.

We don't need a SoC. After 6.0 is out the door, brueffer wants to have a look
(he already had a look but wants to clean it up; maybe someone else with
doc-skills is willing to take over, since he told me he is sort of busy) at
my TODO list for volunteers. It's just a bunch of ideas/TODOs without an
owner. We can just add an entry about writting regression tests and maybe
someone will just do it. One person already asked me about the entries and
took one. The result (porting the ip_cksum code from DragonFly; the
benchmark results impressed me, I have to add) is in the hands of andre, he
wants to try to integrate them as part of his funded network stack
reorganisation/improvement project.


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