cvs commit: src/sys/ddb db_command.c db_output.c

Olivier Houchard cognet at
Sun Oct 2 15:57:32 PDT 2005

cognet      2005-10-02 22:57:31 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/ddb              db_command.c db_output.c 
  - Call db_setup_paging() for traceall.
  - Make it so one can't call db_setup_paging() if it has already been called
  before. traceall needs this, or else the db_setup_paging() call from
  db_trace_thread() will reset the printed line number, and override its
  This is not perfect for traceall, because even if one presses 'q' while in
  the middle of printing a backtrace it will finish printing the backtrace
  before exiting, as db_trace_thread() won't be notified it should stop, but
  it is hard to do better without reworking the pager interface a lot more.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.63      +5 -0      src/sys/ddb/db_command.c
  1.34      +8 -5      src/sys/ddb/db_output.c

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