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Scott Long scottl at
Mon Nov 21 18:20:42 GMT 2005

John Baldwin wrote:

> On Monday 21 November 2005 12:44 pm, Damien Bergamini wrote:
>>I don't like the idea of keeping the firmware in kernel memory.
>>It's a rather big file (~200KB).
>>And there is one for each operating mode (BSS, IBSS, monitor).
>>The second reason why I don't like KLDs is because they require
>>user intervention and users must know which KLD to load for the
>>mode they want to operate in.  And if you put all firmwares in
>>the same KLD, you end up with a big fat 1MB file.
>>I won't go back to anything based on iwicontrol.  People simply
>>don't know how to use it.  Trust me.  There is not a single day
>>where I don't get email from people complaining about it.
> Whatever logic you are doing in the kernel now to figure out which firmware to 
> use you can just as easily do in the kerenl and trigger it by sending a devd 
> event.  You could have the userland side do an ioctl to get the type of 
> firmware the driver wants for example.  There is _ZERO_ reason that you have 
> to do this in the kernel.  You can move this logic out to userland and be 
> much more robust in the process.  As it is, trying to do VOP_READ() in the 
> resume path is going to greatly diminish the robustness of suspend/resume.  
> Moving this to userland is not a hard problem.

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