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Damien Bergamini damien.bergamini at
Mon Nov 21 17:45:32 GMT 2005

I don't like the idea of keeping the firmware in kernel memory.
It's a rather big file (~200KB).
And there is one for each operating mode (BSS, IBSS, monitor).

The second reason why I don't like KLDs is because they require
user intervention and users must know which KLD to load for the
mode they want to operate in.  And if you put all firmwares in
the same KLD, you end up with a big fat 1MB file.

I won't go back to anything based on iwicontrol.  People simply
don't know how to use it.  Trust me.  There is not a single day
where I don't get email from people complaining about it.


| > Or have the firmware be embedded in a KLD, like ispfw.
| I think I've now been repeated by everyone in the conversation.  :)
| So maybe it's time to solve this?  Move discussion to arch@?
| -- 
| Nate

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