cvs commit: src/sys/dev/usb if_ural.c if_uralvar.h

Damien Bergamini damien.bergamini at
Sun Nov 20 15:48:48 GMT 2005

| Damien Bergamini wrote:
| > damien      2005-11-18 21:37:02 UTC
| > 
| >   FreeBSD src repository
| > 
| >   Modified files:
| >     sys/dev/usb          if_ural.c if_uralvar.h 
| >   Log:
| >   Second part of the AMRR commit.
| >   Enable automatic rate adaptation in BSS operating mode.
| >   Works great here.  Will need a lot of testing though.
| This is a big improvement, thank you.  Can you say what "works great" 
| means?  I just tried a couple of ural sticks and they max out at ~13 
| Mb/s for upstream tcp netperf to an 11g ap in close proximity.  This 
| appears to be the max for the adapter as locking the rate to 54M gets 
| about the same (though I don't see any way to get stats on what's going 
| on to see if there's room for improvement).
| Sam

By "works great" I mean that the rate decreases when I move far from
the access point and increases back when I get closer to it.
And when I don't move the rate seems to stay steady.
I'm testing a rate adaptation algorithm there, not becnhmarking the
maximum throughput of the adapter when locked at 54Mbps.


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