cvs commit: src/sys/modules/iwi Makefile src/sys/dev/iwi if_iwi.c if_iwireg.h if_iwivar.h

Damien Bergamini damien.bergamini at
Sat Nov 19 20:48:55 GMT 2005

| I'm a little concerned about this change.  The notes claim the firmware 
| is loaded after a resume from the filesystem as well as at 
| initialization time.  So your driver is then assuming the ATA driver is 
| fully reinitialized before your driver's resume method can be called. 
| You can't assume that since it's not a child device of ATA.

Wouldn't the call to VOP_READ block until "/" is recovered in that case ?
Or is it possible to delay the call to if_init until "/" is ready ?
I know OpenBSD and NetBSD have mountroot hooks but I'm anaware of such a
thing in FreeBSD.  I've never been able to resume from any suspend mode
on my laptop so I can't test this right now.

| Also, I'm concerned about the unnecessary use of caddr_t (which I don't 
| think will work on PAE or 64 bit systems).
| --
| Nate

I'll convert them to void* then, though I don't see why it hurts.


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