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Wed Nov 9 11:19:03 GMT 2005

In message <20051109104601.GA15580 at>, Pawel Jakub Dawidek writes:

>Of course we need to consider things like localization, etc.

I'm sorry, but localization of messages of this caliber is a totally
bogus concern which I intend to ignore 100%.

For one thing, we're never going to see translation done comprehensively
in FreeBSD when not even AIX has been able to do so.

Second, adding the necessary infrastructure to do it properly
is major piece of work.

Third all the APIs I have ever seen proposed sucks so badly and
make source code so unreadable that it is not even close to funny
to think about.

Fourth, there is a simple, easy to understand and fully available
way to do it, should some happy bands of natives want to do it
anyway: make a per language branch in perforce, translate the
messages there and make a kernel patch available to the public.


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