cvs commit: src UPDATING src/contrib/bind9/lib/dns validator.c src/contrib/tcpdump print-bgp.c print-isoclns.c print-ldp.c print-rsvp.c src/gnu/usr.bin/gzip gzip.c src/sys/conf

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Wed Jun 8 21:29:15 GMT 2005

simon       2005-06-08 21:29:15 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository (doc,ports committer)

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_5_3)
    .                    UPDATING 
    contrib/bind9/lib/dns validator.c 
    contrib/tcpdump      print-bgp.c print-isoclns.c print-ldp.c 
    gnu/usr.bin/gzip     gzip.c 
  Correct several denial-of-service vulnerabilities in tcpdump.
  Security:       FreeBSD-SA-05:10.tcpdump
  Security:       CAN-2005-1267, CAN-2005-1278, CAN-2005-1279, CAN-2005-1280
  Obtained from:
  Correct directory traversal and race condition vulnerabilities in gzip.
  Security:       FreeBSD-SA-05:11.gzip
  Security:       CAN-2005-0988, CAN-2005-1228
  Obtained from:  Steve Grubb via RedHat, Debian
  Correct BIND 9 DNSSEC remote denial of service vulnerability.
  Security:       FreeBSD-SA-05:12.bind9
  Security:       CAN-2005-0034
  Obtained from:  ISC
  Submitted by:   trhodes
  Approved by:    so (nectar, cperciva)
  Revision         Changes    Path
  1.342.  +8 -0      src/UPDATING  +3 -1      src/contrib/bind9/lib/dns/validator.c      +5 -2      src/contrib/tcpdump/print-bgp.c         +5 -2      src/contrib/tcpdump/print-isoclns.c      +3 -0      src/contrib/tcpdump/print-ldp.c      +9 -2      src/contrib/tcpdump/print-rsvp.c         +10 -8     src/gnu/usr.bin/gzip/gzip.c   +1 -1      src/sys/conf/

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