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Scott Long scottl at
Tue Dec 27 14:14:42 PST 2005

Julian Elischer wrote:

> M. Warner Losh wrote:
>> The chances that any of the hardware that's running FreeBSD today will
>> be in service in 2020, much less 2030 or 2038 is vanishingly small.
>> How many machines that were built in 1990 are still in service?  How
>> many from 1980?  How many from 1970?  How many from 1967?
> well quite a few embedded systems from 1980 are still in use..
> (though the original poster was joking)

Yes, 2038 will be a Y2K-like problem.  However, just like with Y2K where
old Cobol systems where not replaced with new Cobol systems, old i386
systems will not be replaced with new i386 systems.  There will not be
a FreeBSD/i386 release in 2038.  There might be crusty old systems that
are running 30 year old FreeBSD/i386, but they will get replaced,
despite the innevitable dire media reports of the cost and risk of doing


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