cvs commit: src/sys/dev/amr amr.c amr_cam.c amr_disk.c amr_pci.c amrio.h amrreg.h amrvar.h

Martin Nilsson martin at
Fri Dec 16 00:14:13 PST 2005

Scott Long wrote:
>>>  Items 3 and 4 significantly increase the performance of the driver.  
>>> On an
>>>  LSI 320-2X card, transactions per second went from 13,000 to 31,000 
>>> in my
>> A 238% improvement is at the very least impressive!
> Yeah, I was shocked at first too.  The PCIe controllers can likely do
> even better than that, but my only PCIe test system had other hardware
> related instabilities, so I didn't do much testing with it.

How did you test the transaction rate? I Have a 320-2e and 7*10K disks 
in RAID5 running 6.0/amd64 at present. I could boot from a SATA disk 
with current and see if I get any improvement. As it is now i can 
read/write sequential to the array with about 200MB/s (with 256MB write 
back cache on the card) but on real world random transactions I'm 
limited by the seven 10K disks.

> I'm a bit worried that old controllers (especially ones that predate the
> move to i960 CPUs) might be broken with this.  

You mean the old cards with i960 CPUs? The adapters before the Elite 
1600 that uses the old disk model? Sorry I don't have any of those left 
anymore but you can always get them on ebay for $20 or so if anyone 
still cares about them...


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