cvs commit: src/etc devd.conf usbd.conf

John Baldwin jhb at
Wed Dec 14 13:58:16 PST 2005

On Wednesday 14 December 2005 03:13 pm, Ian Dowse wrote:
> In message <200512141358.28049.jhb at>, John Baldwin writes:
> >On Saturday 10 December 2005 07:18 pm, Ian Dowse wrote:
> >>   Move the remaining entries from usbd.conf to devd.conf. This now
> >>   makes usbd redundant.
> >
> >So are you going to axe usbd(8) now?
> Yes, as Anish says I have a patch mostly ready to commit. One thing
> that I got worried about though was that sysinstall has special
> code for starting usbd, but there is no replacement that uses devd
> as far as I can tell. Does this cause problems with USB keyboards
> and mice at install time?

I don't think so, that was mostly just to enable usbd automagically for you.  
You can axe all that.  It might be nice to have devd running during an 
install though, but sysinstall itself can't cope with things like network 
devices appearing after it has started.

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