cvs commit: src/sys/dev/nve if_nve.c if_nvereg.h

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Dec 12 11:40:08 PST 2005

jhb         2005-12-12 19:40:04 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:        (Branch: RELENG_6)
    sys/dev/nve          if_nve.c if_nvereg.h 
  MFC: Sync up with locking changes in HEAD:
  - Add locked variants of nve_start(), nve_init(), and nve_ifmedia_upd().
  - Use callout_* to manage callouts rather than timeout(9).
  - Mark interrupt handler MPSAFE (IFF_NEEDGIANT was already clear).
  - Lock the driver lock in driver entry points such as the interrupt
    handler, if_start, and if_init rather than locking the driver mutex
    in the various work functions called by the binary blob.
  - Use IFQ_DRV_IS_EMPTY() macro rather than doing it by hand.
  - Fix locking in detach.
  - Remove some unused fields from the softc.
  - Don't make the driver lock recursive, it shouldn't be recursively
    acquired anywhere in the driver now.
  - Axe the spin mutex used for the nve_oslock*() routines.  The driver lock
    already provides sufficient synchronization.
  - Don't mess around with IFF_UP when the link state changes.  IFF_UP is
    an administrative flag, not a link status indicator.
  Revision  Changes    Path   +111 -102  src/sys/dev/nve/if_nve.c   +3 -8      src/sys/dev/nve/if_nvereg.h

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