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John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Aug 22 19:12:19 GMT 2005

On Saturday 20 August 2005 04:52 pm, Colin Percival wrote:
> John Baldwin wrote:
> > On Friday 19 August 2005 11:40 am, Colin Percival wrote:
> >>When running
> >>FreeBSD Update builds, I'll typically have a RELEASE-pX tree checked out
> >>and a security patch (which is going to get committed to the tree later);
> >>I want to be able to build tree + patch with a label of RELEASE-p{X + 1}.
> >
> > If you used 'make release' to build your custom release (like a lot of
> > other folks do) you would have had all this for free. :)
> I'm not building a release; I'm building and installing a new world and
> kernel.  For FreeBSD Update, I need the actual files which people will have
> installed on their systems, not the ISO images and FTP install tree.

You can extract the dists to build the trees as well.  I did this recently to 
update ~1200 boxes over a one-way satellite link. :)  This would also let you 
not require that people install a fixed-set of distributions but let them 
subscribe to multiple distribution sets if desired since you can recreate any 
configuration by extracting the appropriate set of dists into a work area.

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