cvs commit: src/sys/boot/common loader.8 src/sys/boot/forth loader.conf loader.conf.5 src/sys/boot/i386/libi386 comconsole.c

Brian Somers brian at
Fri Aug 19 19:33:38 GMT 2005

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005 01:39:43 +0000 (UTC) Ian Dowse <iedowse at> wrote:
> iedowse     2005-08-18 01:39:43 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     sys/boot/common      loader.8 
>     sys/boot/forth       loader.conf loader.conf.5 
>     sys/boot/i386/libi386 comconsole.c 
>   Log:
>   Add a "comconsole_speed" loader variable that can be used to change
>   the serial console speed (i386 and amd64 only). If the previous
>   stage boot loader requested a serial console (RB_SERIAL or RB_MULTIPLE)
>   then the default speed is determined from the current serial port
>   speed. Otherwise it is set to 9600 or the value of BOOT_COMCONSOLE_SPEED
>   at compile time.
>   This makes it possible to set the serial port speed once in
>   /boot.config and the setting will propagate to boot2, loader and
>   the kernel serial console.

Now all that's required is to add this functionality to boot0sio via
boot0cfg :*)

Good work!

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