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> >   Move the Hitler quotes and some references to him to the "offensive" file.
> >   I did not bother to sort them all. If you have a script, feel free.
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> I object to many of these being moved.
> For one, many of them are not by Hitler.
> Of thse tha are, many of them show his thoughts in a very
> negative and enlightenning way.
> I object to this sort of revisionist cleansing.
> %
>    	 I shall give a propagandist reason for starting the war, no matter whether
>    	 it is plausible or not.  The victor will not be asked afterwards whether
>    	 he told the truth or not.  When starting and waging war it is not right
>    	 that matters, but victory.
>    	                 -- Adolf Hitler
> This is a brilliant light on the actions of Politicians around the world.
> %
>    	 What luck for the rulers that men do not think.
>    	                 -- Adolf Hitler
> %
> Something we should all think about, and a warning to the future!

Second the motion. Hitler gave people lots of warning of what he was
thinking and what he thought of society that should serve as a warning
to future generations. 

Hitler, no matter how much evil he did, was a brilliant manipulator in
an age before modern marketing of political postures. Many of the
techniques he used have been around at least since ancient Greece and
are still in use today. The damage that can (and has) come from this
MUST not be forgotten.

The words at Auschwitz are "Never forget", but in their zeal to bury the
evil Hitler, they often seem bent an making sure that we do. It's not
pleasant history, but it is important history.

On with the bikeshed!
R. Kevin Oberman
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