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Wed Aug 3 10:13:46 GMT 2005

"M. Warner Losh" <imp at> wrote:

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>            Alexander Leidinger <netchild at> writes:
> : When an user calls delete-old with DESTDIR set to the root of a non-native
> : machine architecture he may remove non-obsolete files when he 
> forgets to set
> : TARGET_ARCH. I want to prevent this situation. I think "failsafe" is more
> : important than "POLA" in this case.
> If TARGET_ARCH is set, then the right set of files will be deleted if
> you use TARGET_ARCH rather than MACHINE_ARCH.

Yes. I'm not talking about technical problems. I talk about problems which
sit on a chair. If we change MACHINE_ARCH to TARGET_ARCH and an user runs
"make delete-old-libs" without setting TARGET_ARCH in a cross-arch
environment, he will remove non-obsolete libs. And I think we should go the
failsafe route.

If you think we can life with this problem, go ahead and change MACHINE_ARCH
to TARGET_ARCH. But add an explanation to the commit log which makes it
obvious that you understand the problem I'm talking about and that we
(FreeBSD) don't care about it. And be prepared that I will whine at the
person which makes this change when someone shoots in his foot when he
forgets to set TARGET_ARCH.

Unrelated: Warner, did you see my mail regarding my cardbus/cbb problems (1-3
weeks ago, CCed to current@).


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