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M. Warner Losh imp at
Mon Aug 1 01:03:47 GMT 2005

In message: <20050801000209.GZ68965 at>
            Jeremie Le Hen <jeremie at> writes:
: However, if someone can provide me a list of all possible file(1)
: output concerning the processor for which a binary has been compiled for,
: I would be glad to provide a patch.

TARGET_ARCH is what you want.  Why won't that work again?  Seems to me
that it is exactly what you want.  For non-cross builds, it is set
automatically for you.  For cross builds, you gotta set it anyway on
each of the other steps, so it hardly sounds burdonsom to set it for
the obsolete file check.

However, when cross building, it is rare that you install, on the
machine you are cross building from, to a DESTDIR that's likely to
have obsolete files in it.  DESTDIR is usually for installing images
that you are going to later do something with.  While one could export
/ and /usr via nfs, mount those and do the cross install that way, I'd
say that's relatively rare.

The file(1) thing is a kludge and should be avoided.  You can't
possibly tell TARGET=i386 from TARGET=pc98 since both are
TARGET_ARCH=i386 and all binaries, modulo kernel ones, from one run
unchanged on the other.


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