cvs commit: src/etc/defaults periodic.confsrc/etc/periodic/security security.functions src/share/man/man5 periodic.conf.5

Joseph Koshy jkoshy at FreeBSD.ORG
Fri Sep 24 19:43:46 PDT 2004

> Thanks for picking up this, doing the necessary work to make it match
> the style of the existing scripts, documenting and committing it!


> This also changes the format of the generated reports to unified diff format
> by default, which might surprise a few users of CURRENT.  If you plan to ask
> re@ for an MFC approval to RELENG_5 we probably have to post a HEADS-UP to
> freebsd-current too.

I will send out a HEADS-UP to -current.

<jkoshy at>

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