cvs commit: src/etc/defaults periodic.confsrc/etc/periodic/security security.functions src/share/man/man5 periodic.conf.5

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Thu Sep 23 11:29:37 PDT 2004

On 2004-09-23 02:00, Joseph Koshy <jkoshy at> wrote:
> Add a knob 'daily_status_security_diff_flags' controlling the
> format of the 'diff' output generated during periodic(8) scripts.
> Submitted by:   keramida (script changes)
> Reviewed by:    keramida (man page changes)
> Revision  Changes    Path
> 1.30      +1 -0      src/etc/defaults/periodic.conf
> 1.4       +2 -1      src/etc/periodic/security/security.functions
> 1.51      +8 -0      src/share/man/man5/periodic.conf.5

Thanks for picking up this, doing the necessary work to make it match
the style of the existing scripts, documenting and committing it!

This also changes the format of the generated reports to unified diff format
by default, which might surprise a few users of CURRENT.  If you plan to ask
re@ for an MFC approval to RELENG_5 we probably have to post a HEADS-UP to
freebsd-current too.

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