cvs commit: src/contrib/bind9 - Imported sources

Jacques A. Vidrine nectar at
Mon Sep 20 14:18:00 PDT 2004

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 02:54:03PM -0600, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> That, however, is a decent reason.  Thanks.  You should have just said
> that in the first place, rather than be argumentative with David.  It
> would have saved some sniping back and forth.  Let's learn from this
> in the future and remember it if/when we break from tradition again.

David: Re-reading my responses I do realize that I put in a bit more
emotion than was warranted.  It was mis-channeled stress, undeservedly
aimed at you.  Please accept my apologies!

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