cvs commit: src/sys/dev/fdc fdc.c fdc_isa.c fdc_pccard.c fdcvar.h

Nate Lawson nate at
Sun Sep 19 13:59:33 PDT 2004

David Schultz wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 14, 2004, Warner Losh wrote:
>>imp         2004-09-14 07:06:49 UTC
>>  FreeBSD src repository
>>  Modified files:
>>    sys/dev/fdc          fdc.c fdc_isa.c fdc_pccard.c fdcvar.h 
>>  Log:
>>  Checkpoint the fdc resource changes:
>>  o Allow for up to 3 resource I/O ranges to be given for the floppy
>>    controller, rather than just two that are allowed for now.
>>  o Make sure that we can work with either a base address of 0x3f0 or 0x3f2.
>>  o Create new inline functions to access the YE DATA's unique BDCR register.
>>  o Update pccard attachment to add the fd device.
>>  o Do some minor style(9) polishing.
> Hmm...this causes my system to hang immediately before the point
> where I would expect GEOM to report that it had tasted ad0.  Any
> ideas what's going on?  Below is the resulting kernel message
> buffer, truncated due to ata(4) verbosity.  This is with
> bootverbose, geom.debugflags=7, and debug.fdc.debugflags=0xff.  If
> you need any other information (e.g. ps output) please let me
> know and I'll try to dig up a serial cable.

It's likely the geom probe of the floppy media.  Try booting with a 
floppy in the drive.  Or, try disabling geom floppy support by 
commenting out the g_new stuff in fd_attach2 and the kthread_create for 
the worker thread.  Or just disable the floppy drive to see if that 
really is the problem.


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