cvs commit: src UPDATING src/etc/defaults rc.conf src/etc/rc.d Makefile ntpd rpcbind

Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Wed Sep 15 01:30:14 PDT 2004

On 2004-09-14 18:57, Sean Chittenden <chitt at> wrote:
> >The last two lines are probably a bug in rcorder triggered by the
> >circular dependency, but let's leave this for latter.
> Yeah, it's a double free(3).  If you comment out the calls to free(3)
> the bl_list, r_tmp, pnode, and fnode (and their _tmp counter parts),
> you'll prevent the double free(3).  I know that's not the correct
> solution, but since rcorder is such a short lived process with a
> limited role (albeit an important one), I think it'd be an okay
> solution for now.
> [...]
> Regardless, for the time being, I have put ntpdate back in rpcbind.  -sc

I'm fine with ntpdate back in the tree.  The rcorder code is a bit out
of my limits for now.

Thank you Sean :)

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