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Andre Oppermann andre at
Fri Sep 10 17:40:36 PDT 2004

Bill Paul wrote:
> > How well designed is the VT6122?  Is it good or more on the 'it works' side?
> It's "ok." I only have a 33Mhz/32-bit PCI sample card. When I tested

My kernel compile finished and upon rebooting it attaches vge0 but then
it panics (mutex problem) when detaching it again because of MII trouble.

pciconf -l -v tells me I have an "VT3119 Rhine-GE Gigabit Ethernet Controller"
with class 0x020000, card=0x3302187e, chip=0x31191106, rev=0x01, hdr=0x00.
Which is obviously not a VT6122 although the driver attaches to it.

vge0: <VIA Networking Gigabit Ethernet> port 0x9899-0x98ff mem 0xfc99fc00-
0xfc99fcff irq 26 at device 2.0 on pci2
vge0: MII read timed out
vge0: failed to start MII autopoll
vge0: MII without any phy!
panic: lock (sleep mutex) vge0 not locked @ dev/vge/if_vge.c:1161

A traceback shows this to happen in vge_detach(c35b1000) at vge_detach+0x1e3.

All this happens at boot time during device probing.

My 32 and 64bit PCI cards are Zyxel branded cards (even the Chip has a Zyxel
stamp on it).  The chip on the 64bit one is called ZX1701 and has a Cicada
SimpliPHY CIS8201-128LQA-C next to it.  It also has a socket for a boot prom.
The 32bit card has a ZX1702 chip on it without any external PHY (just the
magnetics are external).

Leaving the 64bit card with the external PHY out of the PC reveals that
the 32bit one works just fine.  So it's only a problem with the external
PHY which is probably not expected by the driver.

> it, I only got it up to about 540Mbps. I attribute some of this to

This seem to be pretty ok for a 32bit/33MHz card.  Just consider the
amount of normal bus overhead for so much traffic.  540Mbit is about
as good as it gets with this hardware configuration.


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