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On Wednesday,  8 September 2004 at  9:35:12 -0600, Greg Lewis wrote:
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>>>   Although 'Unanimous Consent' appears to be a well defined and used in
>>>   the US Senate, Canadian Parliament and Australian Senate, it was
>>>   causing some confusion.
>> Indeed, including the notion that it's used in the Australian Senate.
>> You'll recall the discussions that the South Australian Senate
>> understands the term, but they don't use it.  To quote the December
>> 2003 core report:
>> - grog reports a discussion with a member of the SA Senate.  The term
>>   "unanimous consent" is not used in Australian politics, and it could
>>   be interpreted both ways.  Any interpretation would be subject to
>>   quorum requirements.
> <pedant>
> Either you had a discussion with a South Australian Senator (i.e., a member
> of the Australian Senate elected to represent the state of South Australia)
> or you had a discussion with a Member of the Legislative Council.  You can't
> have had a discussion with a member of the South Australian Senate since the
> upper house of the South Australian state parliament isn't called the Senate,
> its called the Legislative Council.
> </pedant>

Indeed.  It was Andy Johnstone, advisor to Ian Gilfillan MLC.  But I
didn't want to confuse the issue by using local terminology.

See complete headers for address and phone numbers.
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