cvs commit: src/sys/alpha/conf GENERIC src/sys/amd64/confGENERIC src/sys/i386/conf GENERIC src/sys/pc98/conf GENERIC src/sys/sparc64/conf GENERIC

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Sep 8 08:13:22 PDT 2004

John Baldwin wrote:

> On Tuesday 07 September 2004 06:37 pm, Scott Long wrote:
>>scottl      2004-09-07 22:37:43 UTC
>>  FreeBSD src repository
>>  Modified files:
>>    sys/alpha/conf       GENERIC
>>    sys/amd64/conf       GENERIC
>>    sys/i386/conf        GENERIC
>>    sys/pc98/conf        GENERIC
>>    sys/sparc64/conf     GENERIC
>>  Log:
>>  Switch the default scheduler to 4BSD to match what will go into RELENG_5
>>soon. It can be switched back once 5.3 is tested and released.  Also turn
>>on PREEMPTION as many of the stability problems with it have been fixed.
>>  MT5: 3 days.
> Umm, PREEMPTION has only been tested on i386, amd64, and alpha.  Did you 
> really mean to turn it on for sparc64?

Yeah, it was a mistake.  But, now we get to test it =-)  If it doesn't
work then it can be easily backed out.


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