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Hiroki Sato hrs at
Thu Sep 2 13:30:06 PDT 2004

hrs         2004-09-02 20:30:06 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/common new.sgml 
  New release notes (changes in the second half of July and
  the first half of August 2004):
          acpi_panasonic(4) added,
          contigmalloc(9) reimplemented (vm.old_contigmalloc added),
          hme(4) checksum offload support,
          {mem,io}.ko added,
          pcic(4) removed completely from GENERIC kernel configuration file,
          psm(4) Synaptics TouchPad support,
          Thread Local Storage (TLS) support,
          ipfw(4) antispoof option,
          GEOM_MIRROR class and gmirror(8) added,
          col(1), colcrt(1), colrm(1), column(1), and fmt(1) multibyte
          characters support,
          df(1) bugfix,
          ftpd(8) uses its euid for opening a data transfer socket,
          gpt(8) -i option, remove command added,
          kgdb(1) added,
          LIBPTHREAD_SYSTEM_SCOPE for libpthread,
          look(1) -d bugfix,
          make(1) "+" flag added,
          make(1) MAKEFLAGS change,
          tgmath.h C99 header added,
          GNU extensions of mbsnrtowcs(3) and wcsnrtombs(3) implemented,
          patch(1) replaced with a BSD-licensed version from OpenBSD,
          ppp(8) "set pppoe [standard|3Com]" for ng_pppoe(4),
          ul(1) multibyte characters support,
          FILE 3.41 --> 4.10,
          GCC 3.3.3 --> 3.4.2,
          NTP 4.1.1.a --> 4.2.0,
          rc.d localpkg support in the Ports Collection, and
          crypto distribution now part of base.
  Update release notes:
          snd_*(4) reorganization, and
          use the term "geom class" for consistency.
          ppp(8) "set rad_alive".
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.763     +175 -14   src/release/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/relnotes/common/new.sgml

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