cvs commit: src/sys/powerpc/include frame.h src/sys/powerpc/powerpc genassym.c swtch.S vm_machdep.c

Peter Grehan grehan at
Wed Jul 21 18:28:52 PDT 2004

grehan      2004-07-22 01:28:51 UTC

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/powerpc/include  frame.h 
    sys/powerpc/powerpc  genassym.c swtch.S vm_machdep.c 
  Update the callframe structure to leave space for the frame pointer
  and saved link register as per the ABI call sequence. Update code
  that uses this (fork_trampoline etc) to use the correct genassym'd
   This fixes the 'invalid LR' message when backtracing kernel
  threads in DDB.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.9       +2 -0      src/sys/powerpc/include/frame.h
  1.54      +2 -0      src/sys/powerpc/powerpc/genassym.c
  1.20      +4 -1      src/sys/powerpc/powerpc/swtch.S
  1.104     +2 -0      src/sys/powerpc/powerpc/vm_machdep.c

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