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Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Thu Apr 29 01:03:34 PDT 2004

On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 04:40:34PM -0600, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> : Those aren't in makefiles.  I think you put them in src/MAINTAINERS when you 
> : removed them from the Makefiles w/o my permission.
> I thuoght we were migrating out of Makefile into src/MAINTAINERS in
> general.  Core.3 talked about this maybe 15 months ago.
It's my fault -- I misparsed John's output:  ``grep -w jhb \
/usr/src/MAINTAINERS'' lists all of these lines, and I thought
they were in makefiles.  And I didn't look that deep into
src/MAINTAINERS, where it lists files with MAINTAINERS lines
which should be cleaned up.

That said, it would be great if Core finally resolve this
issue, made src/MAINTAINERS easily searchable, cleaned up
the makefiles, etc., or at least gave a green light to
someone willing to do this job.

An idea is to type ``make print-maintainer'' anywhere in
the source tree, and have it print the maintainer(s).
Let me know if you're interested, I can come up with the
code that does this.

Ruslan Ermilov
ru at
FreeBSD committer
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