cvs commit: src/contrib/lukemftp/src - Imported sources

Mike Heffner mikeh at
Mon Apr 26 17:31:37 PDT 2004

mikeh       2004/04/26 17:31:36 PDT

  FreeBSD src repository

  src/contrib/lukemftp/src - Imported sources
  Update of /home/ncvs/src/contrib/lukemftp/src
  In directory
  Log Message:
  Import the latest (4/26/04) CVS lukemftp. This adds the ability to
  have a prefix string on the progressbar and brings in a patch by mux@
  to fix the condition when connect() returns EINTR.
  Requested by:	     mux
  Vendor Tag:	LUKEM
  Release Tags:	nbsd_20040426
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/Makefile
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/cmds.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/cmdtab.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/complete.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/domacro.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/extern.h
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/fetch.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/ftp.1
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/ftp.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/ftp_var.h
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/main.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/progressbar.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/progressbar.h
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/ruserpass.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/util.c
  U src/contrib/lukemftp/src/version.h
  No conflicts created by this import

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