cvs commit: src/sys/dev/arl if_arl.c src/sys/dev/cs if_cs.c src/sys/dev/ed if_ed.c src/sys/dev/ex if_ex.c src/sys/dev/fe src/sys/dev/sn if_sn.c src/sys/dev/wl if_wl.c src/sys/dev/xe ...

Roman Kurakin rik at
Fri Apr 16 03:46:20 PDT 2004

Luigi Rizzo wrote:

>  This change is done to simplify locking because now almost none of the
>  drivers uses this field. The exceptions are "ct" "ctau" and "cx"
>  where i am not sure if i can remove that part.
These two doesn't touch if_addrhead by them self since 4x. Only RELENG_3 
code works with
if_addrhead to make driver unload possible, since there was no API to 
detach interface.
This code probably should be removed in the future, but it is still here 
since this makes
maintaning of code much more easy.


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