cvs commit: src/sys/dev/ata ata-all.c ata-all.h ata-card.cata-cbus.c ata-pci.h ata-queue.c

Patrick Hurrelmann outi at
Wed Apr 14 05:08:03 PDT 2004

Søren Schmidt wrote:
> sos         2004/04/13 02:44:21 PDT
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     sys/dev/ata          ata-all.c ata-all.h ata-card.c ata-cbus.c 
>                          ata-chipset.c ata-disk.c ata-dma.c 
>                          ata-isa.c ata-lowlevel.c ata-pci.c 
>                          ata-pci.h ata-queue.c 
>   Log:
>   Add support for the Promise command sequencer present on all modern Promise
>   controllers (PDC203** PDC206**).
>   This also adds preliminary support for the Promise SX4/SX4000 but *only*
>   as a "normal" Promise ATA controller (ATA RAID's are supported though
>   but only RAID0, RAID1 and RAID0+1).
>   This cuts off yet another 5-8% of the command overhead on promise controllers,
>   making them the fastest we have ever had support for.
>   Work is now continuing to add support for this in ATA RAID, to accellerate
>   ATA RAID quite a bit on these controllers, and especially the SX4/SX4000
>   series as they have quite a few tricks in there..


I'm really happy to hear about this! Please keep on working on this. 
Your work is awesome...
It was just a tiny step and i would have thrown away my promise sx4 and 
bought an 3ware raid5. but, i keep on waiting! i'm really looking 
forward till that day we have raid5 commited to ata. (at that day i will 
curse my dual-athlon for taking to long compiling current :) )

Thanks Soeren!

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