cvs commit: src/sys/i386/conf GENERIC.hints

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Thu Apr 1 14:56:48 PST 2004

* Scott Long <scottl at> [040401 14:25] wrote:
> Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> >
> >It's been three years and syscons still hasn't been fixed so that
> >data center users aren't screwed.  This is a matter of fixing syscons
> >not crippling ps2, so basically go fix syscons don't muck with
> >atkbd. :)
> >
> >thank you,
> Sorry, this drive-by isn't acceptable right before the 4.10 release
> cycle.  The old behaviour might be broken for data center people, but
> it is well understood brokeness.  Please revert the RELENG_4 change,
> and we'll discuss the next step.

I like the abuse of "release engineering" to justify reverting something
that restores POLA... "right before release".

Dumbest project ever.

I'll revert it, and so another part of my hope for FreeBSD dies in the
process. :)

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