cvs commit: src/contrib/ezm3 CerrnoC.c CstdioC.c ...

juli mallett jmallett at
Thu Apr 1 10:55:02 PST 2004

* Maxime Henrion <mux at> [ Date: 2004-04-01 ]
	[ w.r.t. cvs commit: src/contrib/ezm3 CerrnoC.c Cstd
> mux         2004/04/01 10:02:17 PST
>   Bite the bullet and import ezm3 into base, so that it's easier for
>   users to upgrade.  We should have done this ages ago.

This should have been done with an import.  Please back this out and
do something so that we can have something else to uphold a vendor
import of.  Was this approved by our src/contrib maintainer?

Other than that, thanks!  FINALLY :D

juli mallett.  jmallett at  adrift in the pacific.

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