cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_exec.c src/sys/vm vm_map.c vm_map.h vm_mmap.c

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at
Sat Sep 27 15:28:15 PDT 2003

marcel      2003/09/27 15:28:14 PDT

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sys/kern             kern_exec.c 
    sys/vm               vm_map.c vm_map.h vm_mmap.c 
  Part 2 of implementing rstacks: add the ability to create rstacks and
  use the ability on ia64 to map the register stack. The orientation of
  the stack (i.e. its grow direction) is passed to vm_map_stack() in the
  overloaded cow argument. Since the grow direction is represented by
  bits, it is possible and allowed to create bi-directional stacks.
  This is not an advertised feature, more of a side-effect.
  Fix a bug in vm_map_growstack() that's specific to rstacks and which
  we could only find by having the ability to create rstacks: when
  the mapped stack ends at the faulting address, we have not actually
  mapped the faulting address. we need to include or cover the faulting
  Note that at this time mmap(2) has not been extended to allow the
  creation of rstacks by processes. If such a need arises, this can
  be done.
  Tested on: alpha, i386, ia64, sparc64
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.227     +9 -15     src/sys/kern/kern_exec.c
  1.310     +56 -40    src/sys/vm/vm_map.c
  1.103     +2 -0      src/sys/vm/vm_map.h
  1.167     +2 -2      src/sys/vm/vm_mmap.c

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